Abu Sayed

District Manager

My grandfather, my father, and myself were each born of 3 separate nationalities.

Allister Gibbs

Training Manager

I once flew a small plane.

Andy Jacobi

Chief Financial Officer

As a dedicated student of the sandwich game, I fundamentally believe that the perfect sandwich has to have something crunchy, creamy, and tangy on great bread. So don’t overthink it and order the Bacon Mac sandwich.

Beatriz Perez

General Manager

Even after 27yrs since its release, my ultimate favorite Disney Movie is still The Lion King. & yes, I still cry when Mufasa dies

Carlos Ortiz

Kitchen Manager

I feel like a celebrity when I wear my Stickys t-shirt, people stop and tell me how much they love our food!

Chris Tucker

General Manager

I grew up in a children’s home from 1988-1999. I played ball so much that they built and dedicated a basketball court in my honor. “You don’t stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing.”

Elian Hernandez

General Manager

Gabe Suarez

HR Manager

Ian Paulo Abrogar

General Manager

I’m vegetarian and own 39 pairs of sneakers.

Jamie Greer

Vice President of Operations

I’ll never know what movie you’re quoting.

Javier Reyes

Kitchen Operations Specialist

One time I accidentally put three cups of garlic into a Vindaloo BBQ sauce instead of three spoons… I had to redo the whole thing!

Jon Sherman

Founder and CEO

I was once mistaken for Jeremy Renner on the street, so I went with it and took a picture with the guy.

Joyce Munoz

General Manager

My family pet bunny was intended to be dinner but we fell in love and pardoned it and his name now is… Bad Bunny.

Leor Wolf

Chief Administrative Officer

I can speak 4 languages and love Legos.

Lizeth Rodriguez

General Manager

Peace ✌, Love 💖 , & Chicken 🐔 Grease.

Meredith Saucci

FP&A Associate

My favorite holiday is Halloween because I get super into dressing up.

Raqibul Tusher

General Manager

I lived in London for 5 years and retained a slight British twang.

Steve Gornic

Director of Culinary Operations

I own 14 guitars.

Susanna De La Rosa

General Manager

I love anything sweet, coffee, and Christmas. My favorite menu items are the parm truffle fries and chicken and waffles.

Samantha Carmona

General Manager

I once held a human brain.

Terrence Santiago

General Manager

I have 3 motorcycles and I have been riding since I was 13 years old.

Tucker Brown

Lead Designer, Branding & Digital Experience

I’m fascinated by dinosaurs and all things relating to science.