Sticky’s was created out of a love for chicken fingers, and the desire to think outside of the box for how a restaurant could serve them. The founders of Sticky’s thought there were a lot of New Yorkers who really loved chicken fingers but didn’t have a great place to get them; and thus, Sticky’s was born! Our first location opened on March 22nd, 2012 in Greenwich Village, Manhattan. The store was featured on the Food Network show “3 Days to Open with Bobby Flay” along with numerous other TV shows and magazines. We offer an abundance of homemade dipping sauces, inspired by cuisines from all around the world. We source ingredients locally and use farm-raised, antibiotic-free, hormone-free chicken.


Sticky’s has always placed an importance on thinking creatively and doing things differently than others. We hire people from all different backgrounds, encourage individuality, and want to make everyone feel at home when they come into our stores. We work with local artists to design our locations with original murals, play energetic music, and stay open late.

As we continue to open new locations and grow our team, we vow to never forget what got us here: passion, creativity, inclusivity, and delicious chicken.


  • Mabel Marte

    General Manager

    I stopped eating nuggets after working at sticky’s. I saw a huge difference in texture and taste.

  • Tucker Brown

    Lead Designer, Branding & Digital Experience

    I’m fascinated by dinosaurs and all things relating to science.

  • Abu Sayed

    District Manager

    My grandfather, my father, and myself were each born of 3 separate nationalities.

  • Dan Cohen

    District Manager

    My three favorite things in life besides my wife are the Mets, Jets, and Taco Bell!

  • Chris Tucker

    General Manager

    I grew up in a children’s home from 1988-1999. I played ball so much that they built and dedicated a basketball court in my honor. “You don’t stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing.”

  • Susanna De La Rosa

    General Manager

    I love anything sweet, coffee, and Christmas. My favorite menu items are the parm truffle fries and chicken and waffles.

  • Theo Dubin

    Director of Real Estate and Construction

    I like to drink hot sauce straight out of the bottle

  • Wes Frisk

    General Manager

    I like my hip-hop loud and my chicken fried!

  • Jon Harary

    Marketing Manager

    I love going to General Tso Heaven

  • Allister Gibbs

    Training Manager

    I once flew a small plane.

  • Steve Gornic

    Director of Culinary Operations

    I own 14 guitars.

  • Jamie Greer

    Vice President of Operations

    I’ll never know what movie you’re quoting.

  • Javier Reyes

    Kitchen Operations Specialist

    One time I accidentally put three cups of garlic into a Vindaloo BBQ sauce instead of three spoons… I had to redo the whole thing!

  • Leor Wolf

    Chief Administrative Officer

    I can speak 4 languages and love Legos.

  • Tommy Sardo

    Director of Training

    I had to get a cornea transplant on Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to take out your contacts, lovers!

  • Carlos Ortiz

    Kitchen Manager

    I feel like a celebrity when I wear my Stickys t-shirt, people stop and tell me how much they love our food!🍗🍗🍗🍗

  • Jon Sherman

    Founder and CEO

    I was once mistaken for Jeremy Renner on the street, so I went with it and took a picture with the guy.

  • Andy Jacobi

    Chief Financial Officer

    As a dedicated student of the sandwich game, I fundamentally believe that the perfect sandwich has to have something crunchy, creamy, and tangy on great bread. So don’t overthink it and order the Bacon Mac sandwich.

  • Elexia Cook

    Social Media Manager

    Ask me why I have little penguin tattoos

  • Lizeth Rodriguez

    General Manager

    Peace ✌, Love 💖 , & Chicken 🐔 Grease

  • James Young

    General Manager

    Lacrosse is my favorite sport

  • Matt Fields

    General Manager

    I love basketball, by the age of 12, I had more than 15 trophies

  • Samantha Carmona

    General Manager

    I once held a human brain

  • Joyce Munoz

    General Manager

    My family pet bunny was intended to be dinner but we fell in love and pardoned it and his name now is… Bad Bunny.

  • Gabe Suarez

    HR Manager


We are always looking for professional and fun individuals to join our team! With thirteen current locations and many more on the way, Sticky’s continues to make a dynamic impact each day through great teamwork and dedication to its team members and guests.

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